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Subscription / KYC

In the human resources sector, Finovox helps to verify the identity and qualifications of new employees. 


In the recruitment sector, we refer to this as KYE (Know your employee).

With Finovox, reduce the risks of identity theft and subscription fraud.

The documents concerned

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The purpose of integrating Finovox

As a leading cybersecurity integrator, iCover specializes in KYE, KYC and KYB. Documents must therefore be able to be analyzed in all languages, but also in real time, to guarantee a rapid response at all times, given that Finovox is one of a number of fraud detection solutions. iCover needed a solution that would enable it to analyze documents as part of its recruitment processes (KYE), but also as part of its KYC processes.


How was the integration carried out?

The Finvox solution was implemented very quickly at iCover. During the summer, the SaaS platform was made available with a restricted scope, and by September 2022, the API and SaaS platform were available for the entire document scope established with iCover.


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