Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy demonstrates Finovox's commitment to its prospects, customers, subscribers or any other person interacting with it. It is made available to everyone and updated regularly according to changes in the treatments provided by Finovox.

This Privacy Policy is to clearly present to you the methodology for collecting your personal data, the reason and purpose for which we use it, and to indicate your data privacy rights as a user of Finovox.

2. Definitions

General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”): European regulation governing the processing of personal data in the territory of the European Union.

Personal data: Personal data is data that identifies you directly (first name, last name, email address, etc.) or indirectly (IP address, IBAN or user identifier, etc.).

Persons concerned : refers to any person whose personal data may be held by Finovox (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), namely: Finovox customers, subscribers to our online or communication services , visitors to our website

Data Controller: the data controller is the legal person (company, municipality, etc.) or natural person who determines the purposes and means of processing, that is to say the objective and the way of achieving it (Finovox SAS, 92 Boulevard de la République, 92210 Saint Cloud, France, RCS number 878 381 961).

3. Your rights regarding personal data

As part of the relationship with Finovox SAS, all users have rights regarding their personal data. These are as follows:

  • give, modify or refuse your consent to the processing of your personal data, whether on our website when requested (cookies) or when using the Finovox application.
  • request to erase any data we hold about you.
  • ask to rectify any data concerning you if it is inaccurate, or to add new ones if necessary. Finovox will do its best to update your personal data with its partners as well.
  • request opposition to the processing, i.e. we no longer use your data in the processing for which we use them. Finovox may, for legal or legitimate reasons, refuse your opposition request.
  • request a copy of the data we hold about you.
  • request additional information regarding personal data, their purposes, their collection, or any other action carried out by Finovox SAS on your personal data.
  • file an official complaint regarding the use of your data with the data protection authority in your country.
  • determine the fate of your data after your death.

For any request to exercise rights on your part, Finovox will endeavor to do so as quickly as possible, and within 30 days after receipt of the request.
You may be asked to provide additional information as part of this procedure for exercising rights, such as proof of your identity.
Our privacy team will be happy to answer all your questions and requests at

4. Exercise your rights

You can exercise your rights by contacting us:

  • by mail to the following address: Finovox, 92 Boulevard de la République, 92210 Saint Cloud, France.
  • by email to the following address:

If after contacting us, you consider that your rights are not respected, you can file a complaint with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) at the following address: 3 Place de Fontenoy, TSA 80715, 75334 Paris Cedex 07 .

5. Types of personal data collected

When you subscribe to Finovox or chat with us, we may ask you for your name, your first name, your postal address, your telephone number, your email address, the company in which you work, your function, your contact preferences, and more generally any other data allowing a persona to be identified.

The categories of personal data that Finovox may be required to process are as follows:

  • identification data: name, first name, postal address, email address, telephone number (landline or mobile), username and password
  • data related to your profession: function, company, hierarchical position, seniority
  • connection data: logs, timestamp, navigation path
  • location data: country
  • internet data: IP address, browser language, browser type

6. Collection of personal data and purposes

The majority of personal data is transmitted to us by you.

Certain personal data is accessible to us via Linkedin to carry out prospecting campaigns based on legitimate interest.

Finovox only processes personal data strictly necessary to achieve the specified and legitimate purposes defined in this section.

In accordance with current regulations, Finovox does not process any sensitive data such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership of the persons concerned. The same applies to any information on the life or sexual orientation, genetic, biometric or health data of the persons concerned.

6.1 Collection methods

We receive information from you, directly and indirectly.

Directly: Most of the information we process is information you give us when using our services and in one of the situations described below:

  • When you browse our website, including behavioral information on our website for the purposes of optimizing the customer journey. This data is managed by the cookies that you accept on our site Cookies are managed by Axeptio.
  • When submitting a form on our website, you are asked for personal data such as data relating to your professional life, identification data or location data. These are used as part of the prospecting relationship or in accordance with the GDPR if information is transmitted to you.
  • In an information transfer, via email, push notification or in-app message about product updates, industry news, new partnerships and events. You may be asked for identification information such as your email address, first name and last name. You can always withdraw your consent to receive commercial offers from us by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email received. This data is kept for 3 years from the last exchange.
  • When you subscribe to Finovox, you are asked for identification data such as your email address, your first name, your last name, as well as data relating to your professional life such as your team or your profession. Legally, we need this data to carry out the tasks described in the user agreement you signed with us. We will keep this data for 5 years after the end of your subscription in accordance with the law.
  • During a commercial partnership with Finovox, you will be asked for identification and professional data such as your contact details, your legal address and your professional email address. We collect this data in accordance with the conditions set out in the contract you have signed. We will retain your data for 10 years in order to comply with current accounting laws.
  • During your use of the Finovox platform, internet data may be collected for the purposes of optimizing our platform to understand your use.
  • When making contact, by email, telephone or another channel, personal identification data such as your email address, your telephone number (mobile or landline), your first and last name, as well as any other information in your contact (professional life data.)

Indirectly: we also receive some of your data from third parties, such as partners allowing us to improve our service or retrieve contact information (identification and professional data such as email address, telephone number, title position or first and last name) according to the legitimate interest of our prospecting.

6.2 Objectives and bases of legality

NoYour personal data has several purposes for us depending on the data and the relationship you have with Finovox. We distinguish the following categories:

Business development
For commercial prospecting, the retention period is effective until the data subject exercises the right of opposition or 3 years from the exercise of the right of opposition in the context of litigation.
The recipient of this data is the Finovox marketing and sales department, as well as the legal and administrative department in the event of litigation. The DPO may also be required to consult this data.
The data source is: the data subjects.
These data are necessary for the commercial management of the company and their legality bases are as follows.

Basis of legality: Consent

  • Provision of evidence in the event of litigation or administrative control
  • Audience measurement and analysis of site visitor behavior via Google Analytics, Google Ads and Hubspot
  • Identification of the origin of visitors using Google Analytics (pixels), as well as through original tools such as Google Ads, Linkedin, Youtube, Capterra, Twitter
  • Creation, measurement and optimization of remarketing advertising campaigns
  • Adding behavioral data to your information sheet in our Hubspot CRM software

Basis of legality: Legitimate interest during BtoB prospecting

  • Display of videos on the Finovox website
  • Prospect profiling to optimize our communications
  • Business statistics
  • Website referencing our commercial offers, our content and our forms
  • Conservation of your choices in terms of consent to cookies – use of Axeptio
  • Website for the purpose of optimizing the journey on our site by analyzing behavior, pages viewed and time
  • Canvassing actions by email and telephone
  • Optimization of canvassing via improvement of the Finovox database (Ex: Standardization, enrichment, deduplication)

Basis of legality: Pre-contractual obligation

  • Drafting, issuing and transferring commercial offers and sales contracts
  • Response to requests for information, documentation or demonstration
  • To invite customers to and organize events

GDPR compliance

For GDPR compliance, the basis of lawfulness is the legal obligation in order to respond to GDPR rights requests.
The shelf life is 3 years after the closure of an opposition request (limitation period for an offense), or 1 year after closure of a request for access, erasure or rectification (limitation period for an infringement).
The recipient of this data is the CNIL, the legal and litigation department of Finovox as well as the department which will receive the GDPR rights request. The DPO may also be required to consult this data.
The data source is: the data subjects.

This data is necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations regarding reporting violations and exercising rights.

7. Categories of third parties likely to receive your personal data

Finovox may disclose your Personal Data to third parties in the following cases:

  • If we obtain valid agreement from you to do so;
  • In connection with a subpoena, legal order, legal proceeding or other legal obligation;
  • In enforcing our terms and conditions or policies;
  • By way of appeal or to defend our rights;
  • We may also transfer your Personal Data to a subsidiary, affiliate or third party in the event of a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or any other disposition relating to all or any part of the inventory, assets or business of Finovox (including, without limitation, in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceeding), provided that the entity to which we transfer Personal Data are not authorized to process your Personal Data other than in accordance with this Privacy Policy without notifying you and, in accordance with applicable law, without obtaining your consent.

The people and entities likely to receive your personal data are:

  • Public authorities, government agencies or other establishments to comply with our legal obligations.
  • Technical service providers to provide you with our services. Please refer to the list below for a list of the main service providers we work with.
  • The partners and suppliers with whom we collaborate.

List of subcontractors:

Subcontractors Object Country Guarantee
AxeptioCNIL: Cookie management and collection of consents Luxembourg DPA and CCT
CNILGDPR: DPO declaration and violations France DPA and CCT
WebflowCommercial prospecting: Hosting of the commercial and institutional website European Union DPA and CCT
HubspotSales management and commercial prospecting: Collection, contact, scoring, automation of the construction of databases and contacts UNITED STATES DPA and CCT
Google suiteProper operation and use of IT resources European Union DPA and CCT
Google AnalyticsProper operation and use of IT resources UNITED STATES DPA and CCT
RingOver GroupVOIP telephony France 
Google Cloud HostingGoogle Ireland Limited,
Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland
Analysis, Backup of the Finovox application and processing Belgium DPA and CCT 
MongoDB Building 2 Number One Ballsbridge, Shelbourne Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, D04 Y3X9, IrelandDPO: privacy@mongodb.comConnection to the Finovox platform Belgium DPA
Auth0EC4A 5 NEW STREET SQUARE, 99132Connection to the Finovox platform European Union DPA 

To obtain a copy or the location of the guarantees linked to data transfers outside the European Union, please contact:

  • E-mail :
  • Postal: Finovox, 92 boulevard de la République, 92210 Saint Cloud, France

We may sometimes need to transfer personal data outside the European Union in order to provide our services to you. If this is the case, we always ensure that such transfer is carried out in a country considered by the European Commission to have an adequate level of protection of personal data and, if this is not the case, we apply the protections of the CCT (Standard Contractual Clauses adopted by the Commission) in order to achieve the level of protection required by the standard. You can obtain a detailed copy of the transfer tool or further information by submitting a request to our Data Protection Officer.

8. Storage of your personal data

The personal data we collect and process in our offices in France (Paris) are stored on the servers of our data storage provider Google Cloud Platform in Belgium, EU.

9. Privacy Policy Updates

We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy if we add products, improve our offerings and as technological and regulatory developments evolve. You can find out the date of the last update of this Privacy Policy by referring to the “Version” notice located on the first page of this document. Any changes will be effective upon posting of the revised Privacy Policy.

We will notify you if these modifications are material and, if required by applicable law, we will then ask for your authorization. This notice of modification will be sent by e-mail or published on the Finovox website.

10. Data controller and data protection officer

If you live either in a country of the European Economic Area or in Switzerland, or outside a country of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, your Personal Data is collected by Finovox SAS, whose head office is located 92 boulevard de la République, 92210 Saint Cloud, France.

Finovox's Data Protection Officer is located at the same address and can also be contacted by email at

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