Divide your company's document fraud by 6!

With Finovox, analyze and verify instantly the authenticity of 100% of the documents you receive!

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The French software for detecting false documents

Finovox is a solution for detecting false documents: insert the documents you receive into our platform and analyze their authenticity!

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100% analysis
of documents

Finovox analyses all types of documents, in all languages and formats (invoices, IDs, receipts, diplomas...).

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Finovox scans thousands of files instantly and simultaneously.

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of frauds

Finovox uses investigative tools to analyze, understand and explain fraud.

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of evidence

Finovox provides you with tangible evidence of fraud.

Who is affected by document fraud?

42 billion


in losses in France in 2021.


of companies

have suffered a fraud attempt this year. 1/5 have suffered more than 5 attacks.


of companies

victims of fraud suffered losses exceeding €10,000.


of companies

victims of fraud suffered losses exceeding €100,000.

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Analyze, detect and investigate all your documents instantly to prevent fraud before it happens!

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What Finovox can do for you

Economies Finovox

Financial savings on fraud

Detect fraud before it happens! On average, divide by 6 the amount of fraud committed against your company.

Economies ressources Finovox

Financial saving on resources

No more manual detection, your teams can focus on managing fraud rather than detecting it.

Temps Finovox

Time saving

5 seconds.  That's the average processing time of a document with Finovox. So much time saved to create value for your customers.

The pillars of Finovox software


falsifications using advanced machine learning algorithms.

3 piliers Finovox


falsified areas on documents to determine their nature.


falsifications using advanced machine learning algorithms.


frauds to understand the method of falsification.


falsified areas on documents to determine their nature.

Analysis of all documents, in all sectors

Assurance Finovox


Reduce underwriting and claims fraud:

  • Claims management
  • Analysis of invoices / quotes
  • Certificates
  • Identity documents...
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Banking / Loan

Analyse all standard and non-standard documents to prevent risks:

  • Opening of accounts
  • Loan applications
  • Fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (AML-CFT)...
Affacturage Finovox


Detect false documents before financing invoices:

  • Invoice analysis
  • Identity documents...
  • Supporting documents…
Immobilier Finovox

Real estate

Protect your company and your end customers against fraudsters:

  • Analysis of identity documents
  • Bank statements
  • Payroll records
  • Insurance certificates…
RH Finovox

Recruitment / HR

Find the right profile with the right skills by securing your recruitments:

  • Diploma analysis
  • Certifications
  • Supporting documents
  • Identity documents...
En savoir plus Finovox

Other companies

Finovox is applicable to all documents, allowing you to analyze documents in real time as part of your onboarding process or your business.

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About us

Founded in 2019, Finovox is a French company with proprietary technology and high security standards.

All algorithms are developed in France by our data science experts. With Deeptech label and a team of experts in the field, we help all companies in the fight against fraud.

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